Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Le'go My Eggo!

So I sit down to enjoy my Eggo waffles while holding Scotland. Not the first time I've eaten while holding a child. Won't be the last either. But I will start paying attention.

I had turned my head to talk to Dalyn, and when I looked back down, Scotland had two hands on my plate, pulling it towards him.

My left hand was "stuck" holding him, so I had to use my right hand to deal with *both* of his hands.

While trying to save my meal, he managed to sink his hands into the waffles themselves.
And oh did he try to shove them in his mouth.

"Le'go my Eggo!"

We eventually got the waffles out of his hands, and washed all of the syrup off of his fingers.

But boy was he determined to hold on as long as possible.

Sorry about the lack of a picture, but I'm sure you understand.