Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Scotland's 3!

Yesterday was Scotland's third birthday.
<br><br>&nbsp;Wow time flies by.<br><br>&nbsp;This is how Scotland celebrated his birthday.
<br>&nbsp;Scotland wanted "french fries and chicken", so we all went out to eat.

Sadly, he fell asleep on the way.

So the rest of us ate at the mall food court while he slept.
<br>Ireland also played in their play area, of course.

Somehow Ireland and I ended up at The Lego Store making Build-Your-Own-Lego-Men.
<br>Scotland woke up (kinda) and joined us.

After we had our Lego men, Scotland requested his chicken and french fries.
<br>&nbsp;So we stopped back off at Chick-fil-A in the food court and got him some food.
Since it was now Tuesday evening, we stumbled upon their Kids' Night balloon animal maker.
Scotland got a really big blue sword, and Ireland got a "Princess Catcher".
<br>&nbsp;After that, we headed over to Once Upon a Child.
The children picked out a free video and a small toy.

Then it was home for presents and cake.<br>&nbsp;Scotland had requested a cookie cake.
There were also cupcakes.

When we got to the presents, Scotland was hesitant at first, trying to open the wrapping without tearing it.
After he learned that "ripping it is part of the fun", he tore right into the rest of them.
<br>&nbsp;When he unwrapped his first package (a nondescript box) he shouted "It's just what I wanted!"
And then he opened it to find tissue paper.<br>&nbsp;"It's just what I wanted!"
<br>And again when he found the actual present.

That phrase was well-used by the end of the evening.
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